11 Height hindering habits to avoid for optimal growth

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In the quest to ensure the optimal growth and development of our children and teenagers, parental influence stands as a cornerstone. The pivotal role that parents play in nurturing their offspring goes beyond just providing for their basic needs; it extends to shaping their habits and behaviors, particularly those that impact their physical stature. As stewards of their well-being, we hold the power to steer them away from detrimental practices that may hinder their growth potential. It is within our grasp, during their formative years, to cultivate habits that not only promote physical height but also lay the groundwork for lifelong health and wellness. So, let us embark on a journey of exploration, delving into these habits and uncovering ways to empower our beloved young ones to reach their fullest height potential.

Inadequate nutrition and imbalanced diet

Ensuring the optimal growth and height development of children hinges greatly on their dietary habits. The correlation between food intake and physical growth cannot be overstated. It is essential to comprehend that certain foods, when excessively or regularly consumed, can impede a child’s growth trajectory.

Discouraging the inclusion of junk foods in your child’s diet is paramount due to their meager nutritional content. Moreover, these items often contain detrimental ingredients that can lead to conditions such as obesity and diabetes. Sugary foods, for instance, can trigger spikes in insulin levels, thwarting a child’s proper growth. Additionally, processed and instant foods like instant noodles are not conducive to a healthy diet. While it may not be necessary to completely eliminate these foods from your child’s diet, it is advisable to restrict their consumption to occasional and moderate amounts.

To foster healthy growth and development in children, a judicious and balanced approach to their dietary choices is indispensable.

Eat on-the-go

From picking up kids to driving long hours at work, it is easy to fall into the fast-food trap. Stopping at the drive-through and ordering a pizza or a burger every now and then is fine, but doing it regularly might be harmful to your children’s health. That is because fast food is just packed with unhealthy ingredients like trans fat, sodium, and sugar. And consuming fast food frequently can lead to health issues.

Bad drinks consumption

Aside from unhealthy foods, there are drinks that are not beneficial for your body. The habit of consuming bad drinks, including carbonated drinks and alcohol, can stunt children and teenagers’ growth. Drinking too much soda can weaken your bones because the high amount of phosphorus will adversely affect the calcium level, and thus causing lower bone density. Moreover, parents should be aware of staying a role model while keeping teenagers from consuming soda and alcohol.


Carbonated soft drinks adversely affect height

Only drink milk

Although milk is a rich source of calcium and other needed nutrients for height growth, only drinking it and skipping other healthy foods is not good for height. That is because when your children drink too much, they will feel full and do not want to eat anything. And this might result in their nutrient deficiencies.

So, how much milk should a child drink per day? Note that the table below only shows the daily recommendation for children from 1 to 18 years old. Newborns should be breast-fed for at least for 6 first months and more.

Toddlers12 to 23 months1 2/3 to 2 cups 
Children2 to 3 years 2 to 2 ½ cups
4 to 8 years2 ½ cups
Boys9 to 13 years3 cups
14 to 18 years3 cups
Girls9 to 13 years3 cups
14 to 18 years 3 cups

Stay up late or skip your sleep

Sufficient sleep is critical to growing taller because the growth hormones are mostly produced at night. Many children and teenagers have the habit of staying up late for homework or activities and this is harmful to their health, although occasionally late night may not affect much.

Parents are recommended to assist their children to go to sleep early. Make sure to enhance their sleeping conditions with comfortable space and temperature, less use of mobile devices and no late night snacks.

Bad posture can stunt your growth

Posture is very significant in growing taller because it will affect your spines. Parents should pay attention to correct their children’s walking, sitting and sleeping postures. For instance, sitting wrongly in front of computers is very common for students. It is noticeable to improve a proper sitting posture with an upright position, keeping your back straight. Don’t expect to grow taller with a few stretching exercises while sitting with bad posture for many hours that adversely affect your spine.

Smoking habit is bad for health and growth

Smoking is harmful to your health in general and your height growth in particular. Not only does it damage the lungs, smoking can also stunt your growth. Teenagers who try to smoke or already have a smoking habit should stop as soon as possible for better growth and healthy bodies. Notice that parents should also avoid letting their children become passive smokers to protect their health. 


Smoking is the cause of stunting growth

Take supplements carelessly

Plenty of types of supplements can support your children to grow taller and healthier. These supplements are designed with ingredients and formula to assist sufficient nutrition for growth. However, some users are taking supplements carelessly without following the right dosage or time taken. By doing so supplements cannot be absorbed fully and take its effects to boost your potential height to the optimum. 

Stay home all day long without exercises or sports

Many children are rarely allowed to go outside and play outdoor activities because their parents are afraid of danger or cannot arrange the time. In fact, staying at home or in a closed area all day long can harm your children’s health and growth. Additionally, there are many of them addicted to television, mobile devices and computer games that they are no longer interested in working out, and thus poorly affecting their height growth. 

Children are suggested to perform lots of different outdoor activities and sports for better health and social life. Exposing yourself to sunlight also allows them to synthesize more vitamin D, which is vital to help increase their height. There are many sports such as basketball, swimming, badminton or exercises such as stretching, skipping, etc. that benefit your children’s height growth.

Eat too much


Many parents think it’s good for children to eat as much as possible to ensure proper growth. However, overeating is actually harmful to both children’s health and growth. It causes indigestion and affects the metabolism in the body. Eating too much may also cause diseases to children such as obesity and osteoporosis due to its adverse effect on calcium absorption. Moreover, when children have a meal that’s too big at night, it will be difficult for them to sleep, causing lower quality of sleep and affecting the production of growth hormones, which enhance them to grow taller.

Wear too-tight clothes

Letting your children put on tight clothes might affect the process of height growth since these clothes may prevent blood circulation. From there, it could make the muscles hard to move as well as the skin hard to breathe. What is more, wearing tight clothes when sleeping might affect sleep quality. And when they do not sleep well, they do not secrete enough growth hormones, causing them to slow down in height gain.

In conclusion, promoting healthy height growth and overall well-being in children and teenagers involves a holistic approach that encompasses nutrition, hydration, sleep, posture, exercise, regular check-ups, and leading by example. By nurturing these aspects, parents can help their children reach their full growth potential and lead fulfilling, healthy lives.

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