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How Does The Pituitary Gland Affect The Height of A Child?
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 18, 2024
The pituitary gland is known as a vital gland in the body, but many people when asked do not know what it is or where it is located. ...
How to grow taller at 15
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 18, 2024
15 is the age when most of us are constantly confused about everything, from the changes to our physical attributes to the new feelings and ...
Does jumping make you taller?
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 18, 2024
Tall people naturally draw a lot of attention whether they’re standing alone or in groups. It is the outstanding height that adds to ...
How to increase height of child from a baby to a preschooler?
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 18, 2024
Don't wait until your children reach puberty to realize in retrospect that their height could have been improved much earlier, starting ...
Does jogging make you taller?
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 18, 2024
In the pursuit of physical and mental well-being, many people usually come up with the question of whether the specific type of activity ...
Top 11 Ways To Increase Height In Children At 10
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 12, 2024
Your children are 10 years old, and you are here wondering about ways to help increase their height. Worry-free because we got you ...
Does Doing Burpees Increase Height?
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 12, 2024
Aside from hormones, genes, and nutrition, exercise is one of the best ways to help you improve your height. And today, we will talk about ...
8 Height hindering habits to avoid for optimal growth
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 12, 2024
For children and teenagers to achieve their full potential height, parents should pay attention to help them correct some bad habits that ...

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Revealed: The Average Height of American People
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 18, 2024
Americans have long prided themselves on standing tall, constantly aiming for greater achievements and raising the bar of success. ...
Are You Taller In The Morning?
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 18, 2024
Have you ever wondered if you are taller in the morning? If you have ever measured yourself in the evening and then again in the morning, ...
All You Need To Know About Nanometer Calcium Carbonate
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 18, 2024
While calcium carbonate is a widely used calcium supplement, nanometer calcium carbonate takes absorption to unprecedented levels. These ...
Does alcohol stunt growth?
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 12, 2024
Alcohol is widely consumed in beverages, such as beer, wine, liquors, and spirits. We all know the potential dangers of alcoholic ...
Revealed: The Average Height Of Korean People
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 12, 2024
Today we will continue diving into the average height of Korean people. Do you know that their mean height has remarkably changed compared ...
The average height for a 13-year-old boy
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 12, 2024
Boys go through puberty at different ages and their rates of growth can vary greatly. While the height of a boy before puberty rarely ...
The Average Height For A 15-Year-Old Child
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 12, 2024
As parents, you need to understand the development of children, especially their puberty. That is because this period is vital for their ...
Does smoking affect height?
by Jay Lauer   |   Jun 12, 2024
The news just keeps getting worse for regular smokers. It is already common knowledge that smoking causes heart disease, stroke, emphysema, ...