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Height & Science

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When does your height stop growing?
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Does gym stop height growth?
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Have a question about your height? Wonder no more. Our experts have the answers for you.
Can I grow taller at the age of 25?

It depends on the status of your growth plates. For most people, their growth plates will have closed by the age of 20. After that, it is impossible to grow taller naturally.

Does drinking milk increase my height?

Yes, but drinking milk alone is not enough to increase height. You have to combine drinking milk with a nutritious diet, regular exercise, enough sleep, and a healthy lifestyle in order to reach your maximum height potential.

I am 17 and my height is 5'2''. Can I still grow taller? What's the best way for me to increase my height?

If your puberty is not over yet and your growth plates are still open, you can increase your height by eating nutritious foods, exercising or playing sports regularly, getting enough sleep, and leading a healthy lifestyle. You can also consider taking height growth supplements as they will provide your body with nutrients essential for growth that are lacking in your daily diet.

Are there drugs that make me grow taller?

You can consider taking height growth supplements to provide your body with essential nutrients to facilitate optimal height gain. As nutrition plays a powerful role in increasing your height, it is crucial to have a healthy and balanced diet filled with height-nourishing nutrients. But since our diet is not always perfect and there are some amino acids humans cannot synthesize, height growth supplements will provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients to ensure that your bones grow quickly and you can achieve your maximum height potential. Some of our suggestions on height growth supplements include Height Growth Maximizer, NuBest Tall, Doctor Taller, Tall Star, Doctor Plus, Healthy Height, etc. You can go to their sites for further information. However, taking height growth pills is only effective during your growing years (childhood and puberty).

At what age do people stop growing?

It depends on the status of their growth plates. For most people, the growth plates will have closed completely by the age of 20. There are cases where people stop growing at the age of 17-19 as their growth plates close early. After that, it is impossible to grow taller naturally.

Can I increase my height by stretching?

Yes, you can. As you spend most of your waking hours in an upright position, gravity constantly compresses your intervertebral discs. Stretching exercises will reduce this compression, thus lengthening the spinal column and increasing your height naturally. Besides, stretching exercises make your back and abdominal muscles stronger as well as trigger natural growth hormone production, which assists in your growth process.

Is it possible to grow taller at 22?

It depends on the status of their growth plates. For most people, the growth plates will have closed completely by the age of 20. There are cases where people stop growing at the age of 17-19 as their growth plates close early. After that, it is impossible to grow taller naturally.

Will I be tall when I'm an adult if my parents are short?

It is not impossible as genetics is not the only determinant of height. In fact, human height is also influenced by other environmental factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, and living conditions.

What sports can improve my height?

All sports are good for both your general health and your height gain. Although there is no particular sport to increase height instantly, those that involve jumping and stretching such as basketball, skipping, volleyball, yoga, cycling, running, and swimming can help lengthen your spine and promote bone growth.

I've seen other height pills that say they can help us grow taller at 25 or even 30. Is that true?

Be cautious about height supplements that claim to make you taller at 25 or 30 because most people's growth plates will have closed completely by the age of 20. There are cases where people stop growing at the age of 17-19 as their growth plates close early. Once this happens, you can't grow taller naturally anymore. The only thing you can do after your growth plates have closed is to practice good posture and exercise regularly to avoid height shrinkage with age.