Does Walking Increase Height?

by   |   Dec 01, 2022
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“Walking is man’s best medicine.” Although Hippocrates spoke this phrase long ago, it is more timely today. Yes, walking comes with health benefits. While many are considering weight loss the only use of walking, it has been assumed to help you grow taller.

Do you want to know more? The answer is below.

The relation between walking and height

Walking is one of the most inexpensive and effective exercises for beginners.

With 30 minutes of walking every day, you can enhance and shape the muscles in your calves and thighs. Moreover, pairing your walking with exercises like lunges, squats, or planks gives you better results in height growth. What is more, walking builds up muscular endurance and strength in your torso and legs. Importantly, it contributes to shaping and tightening your lower body and midsection. 

As a result, your legs will become more toned, making you look taller.

Although the height increase by walking is not much, there is another small factor that plays a vital role in enhancing bone growth and health. Do you know that vitamin D is necessary for our bones? When you walk outside, you easily get a sufficient amount of this vitamin from direct sunlight.


How to walk properly?

The truth is, we do not give much thought to how we walk or whether we are walking properly. But understanding walking with good posture and the right technique will improve your height growth.

What to do

  • Try standing tall with your chin parallel to the ground and keeping your eye forward. Always focus on an area about 10-20 feet in front of you while walking.
  • Lengthen your back and legs if you have tight hamstrings or hips.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and loose because if they are tense, they can strain the joints and muscles.
  • Gently swing your arms back and forth at your sides.
  • Walk heel to toe and walk at a fast pace.

What not to do

  • Do not slouch when standing or walking, or it makes your spine shorten.
  • Do not look down at your phone or feet off the reel because it will put an unexpected strain on your neck.
  • Do not roll your hips.
  • Do not make long strides because it might put more stress on your lower leg joints.
  • Do not walk in the wrong shoes, or you will get uncomfortable feelings as you walk.


Some health benefits of walking

Increase blood circulation

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, you should start walking today. A regular brisk walk daily will maintain blood pressure and lower the risk of heart stroke. Also, it helps increase blood circulation, thereby lowering the strain on your heart.

Lose weight

As you walk for 30 minutes, calories that are stored as fat will be used. And this helps you shed some extra pounds and builds up your walking endurance. For instance, a 155-pound person burns about 129 calories walking at a normal pace on a flat surface for 30 minutes [1].

Overall, adding steps to your day by walking is an excellent way to change your body composition and help you lose weight.

Improve sleep

A simple walk can help you deal with restless and sleepless nights. That is because it relaxes your mind and uses the stored energy in your body. It also keeps your body active during the day. As a result, you easily get a sound sleep at night [2].

Improve skin health

One of the main reasons why your skin easily encounters pimples, acne, fine lines, and wrinkles is because it does not get a sufficient blood supply. Since walking helps improve blood circulation, it also aids your body to utilize oxygen better. When you walk in daylight, your skin will absorb vitamin D from sunlight. And all make your skin look younger, healthier, and more glowing.

Help deal with depression

By walking 45 minutes every morning, it enhances the production and suitable flow of endorphins in the body. It also makes you positive, energetic, and joyful, lessening the symptoms of depression.


Regular walking helps to increase height

Improve digestion

After a heavy meal, try a 30-minute walk to support the process of digesting food particles. For overweight people with a sedentary lifestyle, walking after eating helps control their blood sugar levels and enhance their bowel movements. So, instead of lazing around on the couch in front of the TV, start walking to support your digestion.

Lower the risk of diabetes

A regular walk helps manage the functioning of glucagon and insulin in your body. Since these are responsible for glucose absorption in the blood vessels, walking lowers the risk of diabetes. For those who already have diabetes and are looking for a way to stabilize their sugar levels, they should try walking [3].

Reduce the risk of miscarriages

Walking can benefit everyone, even expecting moms. Pregnancy is a time when your body goes through hormonal changes. If it is not healthly and strong to deal with these changes, the risk of miscarriage might increase. Hence, try a regular morning walk to regulate hormone levels and maintain a healthy weight to lessen the chances of miscarriage.

Lengthen your life

When you walk at a faster pace (at least 4 miles per hour), it reduces the risk of overall death by 24%. Meanwhile, walking at a slow to average pace leads to a 20% reduced risk [4].

What to consider to increase height?

What to wear?

Breathable clothing is the top choice because it allows your body to breathe as well as makes it cool when exercising. The same goes for shorts.

Although there are various types of footwear, make sure they have a good sole pattern or tread. In fact, we highly recommend boots over walking shoes because a boot provides ankle protection. And do not forget to wear a good breathable pair of socks to keep your feet comfortable and warm.

When to walk?

The afternoon between 3 p.m and 7 p.m is the best time to walk. After eating dinner, an afternoon walk helps regulate the amount of food. Importantly, you can walk for stress relief after a long day at home, work, or school without feeling rushed like walking in the morning.

How much water to drink?

Depending on the temperature and your weight, you should drink 1.5 cups of water every 20 minutes you are walking. If the humidity or temperature is high, you should drink 2 cups every 20 minutes.

Should I do a warm-up?

Start walking at a slow pace for about 5 minutes to loosen your muscles and reduce the chance of pulling them. Then increase to a moderate one, and gradually speed up to your walking speed. At the end of the session, you should slow down your pace for about 3-5 minutes.

If you are already walking about 30-45 minutes every day, keep going. And make sure you are walking properly as well as following our tips above to improve your height and enhance your overall wellness


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