Does playing badminton increase height?

by   |   Dec 17, 2022

There are many reasons why badminton is enjoyed by people everywhere irrespective of age, race, and gender. It can keep us in shape, increase strength and flexibility, or even reduce health risks. But can badminton increase height? The short answer is most likely YES, as long as you are in your growing years.

Like any sport that involves a lot of jumping and stretching, badminton helps to increase height for those whose growth plates have not closed yet. After a specific age, usually by 20 years of age, the growth plates will fuse completely and the bones no longer elongate naturally. Disappointed? Not so fast because even so, you can still enjoy some badminton benefits for height.

How does badminton make you taller?

A mere misconception is that sports have nothing to do with height and that a person’s genetic structure is the only determinant of how tall they will be. In reality, however, there is a great connection between sports and height growth.

Although your height is mostly controlled by genes, certain environmental factors like exercise and nutrition can stimulate strong bone growth and height increase. While you cannot change your genes to grow as tall as you like, you can absolutely leverage these environmental factors to attain your desired height. According to a recent survey, people who play badminton increase height by 1-3%. The sport contributes to height growth owing to a few factors [1].

To begin with, playing badminton requires constant moving and jumping. These movements actively stimulate the cartilage layers and make them grow. It is this cartilage growth that promotes bone lengthening, especially in the knees. In addition, during the game, badminton players have to use all the joints, muscles, and other parts of their bodies. These actions in one way or another reinforce cartilage development for better height gain.

badminton increase height

Moreover, the series of contraction and relaxation movements when you play badminton generates tension in the muscles and triggers growth hormone release. This helps your body to grow taller more rapidly. Not only does badminton increase height but the rigorous work throughout practice also makes your muscles stronger and more durable.

The badminton benefits for height are undeniable but like most sports, badminton players have to train properly to get the most of it. Improper or excessive training can potentially cause unexpected harm to the players. Let’s find out how to play badminton effectively to grow taller.

How to play badminton to increase height 


The equipment and space required for badminton practice are quite simple. You only need a partner, a shuttlecock, and two rackets to play it. It is better to practice on a badminton court but if you cannot, you can still enjoy the game in your own garden or yard. Ask your friends, siblings, parents, or even grandparents to play badminton with you to take care of their health while boosting your height growth.


Only with frequent practice can badminton increase height for the players. Despite this, you do not have to spend hours training. The best time to play badminton is around 30 minutes to one hour a day in the morning or afternoon. It should be noted that your height will not change overnight; instead, you will get the badminton benefits for height over time with patience and perseverance. This sport, aside from promoting height increase, builds your muscles and keeps your body lean and toned.


You can achieve a better “badminton increase height” advantage if you combine practice with healthy nutrition. It makes sense that you compensate for the amount of energy consumed in each practice session with a varied and balanced diet. Hence, make sure your body receives all the nutrients, especially calcium and protein, it needs to generate energy, lengthen bones, and build muscles to maximize height. Such foods as milk, eggs, lean meat, shrimps, fish, legumes, and crabs are some suggested options to include in your diet.


In the pursuit of an ideal height, it is easy to forget to rest and take care of yourself. Be that as it may, proper rest and sufficient sleep also play a role in increasing your height as your brain releases the most amount of growth hormone during sleep. Furthermore, rest allows your body to repair and refresh itself, thereby giving you stamina for your next badminton practice session.

Benefits of playing badminton

Does badminton increase height for adults? If your growth plates have completely closed, nothing can make you grow taller (other than having leg-lengthening surgery). Before you turn your back on this sport, there are some badminton benefits for height you should take into consideration.

You’ll become leaner

It is as clear as day that leaner people look taller. In contrast, overweight people appear shorter than their actual height. Playing badminton regularly works well in keeping your weight in check. It also increases aerobic capacity with a lot of jumping and running and is thus great for toning your body and enhancing fitness.

Better posture

People tend to slouch as they age. The modern office jobs only make this problem worse. The slouching habit over time will make an individual look shorter and eventually reduce their height. Frequent badminton practice can help correct your posture and get rid of slouching. It strengthens your leg and back muscles as well, constituting a drastic improvement in your height.

Elongating the spine

The bones just stop elongating or growing longer after a certain age. Still, this is not entirely true as long as your spine is concerned. Not a simple single bone, the spine consists of 33 vertebrae interlocking each other. These vertebrae, fortunately, are expandable due to the space between them. When playing badminton, especially when you return a shot, a lot of extension and stretching of the torso happen. Thanks to this, the space between your vertebrae expands and ultimately elongates the spine, though minimally, to make you taller.

What is more, playing badminton regularly benefits all the muscles in your arms, chest, shoulders, legs, and back, which strengthens your core muscles like the lower back and abs. Badminton also improves brain reflexes, enhances eye function, builds body strength, and increases life expectancy.

In a nutshell

Compared with cycling around the block or bar hanging in a gym, badminton is a more exciting sport to practice if you want to grow taller. To have badminton increase height effects, you should practice this fun sport regularly. The thrill and sense of winning that come with playing badminton certainly keep your attention in the game for much longer. Besides, keep in mind the tips on how to play badminton to increase height in order to maximize the benefits.



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