Does hanging make you taller?

by   |   Nov 19, 2020

Growing taller by a few inches is a dream for so many people, isn’t it? Yet, not everyone can achieve this. Whenever you look for advice on how to increase height, chances are that you will be overwhelmed with a deluge of information whose authenticity is to be questioned. Many a time you have been advised to drink milk or to play sports. Other people also tell you about exercises like stretching or hanging to increase height. While we all wish and hope to be as tall as we can, indulgence in more than one physical activity is not really possible. But do not be frustrated just yet because you will be surprised to know that hanging exercise is one of the most effective ways to gain height.


Does hanging make you taller?

The concept behind hanging and growing taller

The idea that you may be able to increase your height through hanging comes from the way our spine is structured. Between each of our vertebrae (the bones in our spine) are discs. These discs are soft and not rigid like bones. As a result, they can be compressed as evolution has designed them to act as shock absorbers to protect the vertebrae. When we stand up, the weight of our upper body is completely supported by our spine, which puts extremely high pressure on the vertebral discs and makes them have a very small diameter. This results in them being compressed during long periods of activities in an upright position such as running, walking, or even standing.

The concept behind hanging to grow taller is fundamentally the opposite effect of the above. By applying the opposite force to your spinal discs, there may be a chance that they can elongate rather than compress. In other words, if compression makes you shorter, tension makes you taller. Based on this concept, hanging is believed to fight the effects of gravity on our body, and thus promote vertical growth.

How does hanging help?

People can remain skeptical about the “height increasing” benefit of hanging, especially for those who have come across countless articles on how humans stop growing as soon as they reach a certain age. Well, hanging has nothing to do with such a thing as all it does technically is reversing the effects of gravity on the spine. It is no secret that we spend most of our waking hours in an upright position. No matter if we are running, walking, standing, or sitting, gravity applies pressure on 33 bones of the spine, thereby causing them to become compressed.

This explains why something as simple as living on this planet is enough to make you shorter. While marathon runners can temporarily lose up to 1 cm (nearly half an inch) in height after a race, astronauts tend to be taller by 2 inches after being in outer space for a while. Sadly, as soon as they go back to earth, they slowly lose those 2 inches in a span of days as a result of the impact of gravity on the spine. So, hanging sure counters this phenomenon and brings yourself to your true height, but is its effect permanent?

The answer is yes; it does increase your height permanently. This is possible because hanging helps to relieve pressure on your spine, hence allowing you to be as tall as you possibly can be. Similar to yoga, Pilates, and pull-ups, hanging is a form of stretching that assists in relieving tension in the joints and lengthening the spine. However, when hanging in order to increase height permanently, it should be noted that this form of exercise has to be performed on a regular basis. Otherwise, you may go back to your previous height as gravity always causes your spine to become compressed. But do not worry too much since it can take a few days to return to your previous height. More importantly, you can prevent this from happening simply by hanging again.


How does hanging help?

Hanging correctly to defy gravity and its effects

Hanging is an easy and simple exercise but at the same time, it is highly strenuous. When you hang by holding bars, you are actually stretching your entire body. Throughout this exercise, your feet are away from the ground, your lower body is completely stretched, and your spine is considerably elongated. You can try a small experience by asking someone to measure your height when you are standing on the ground. Then ask them to do the same after you finish your hanging exercise. You will meet with a noticeable difference in height when you compare the two measurements.

Here are some key factors to consider when you hang:

  • Hanging is a completely anti-gravity exercise.
  • While hanging, each and every bone and muscle in your body is stretched.
  • Oxygen is well circulated from head to toe during your hanging exercise.
  • Your blood also circulates more effectively to the stretched parts of the body.
  • The body stretches naturally because of improved oxygen and blood circulation within your body.

How to do hanging correctly:

  • The first thing you need is a good set of horizontal bars. These can be found in gymnasiums or even in many public parks.
  • However, make sure that the horizontal bars are located high enough to support the entire length of your body.
  • Your feet should be at least 1 foot away from the ground when you hang from these bars.
  • You can also bend your knees slightly in case your body does not extend fully.
  • Your body should hang freely from the bars.
  • Your palms should face away from you while you hold the bars. Just imagine if you are doing push-ups, you will hold the bars with your palms facing in the opposite direction. Likewise, try and use the same posture for your hanging session.
  • Make sure you are holding the bars tightly enough.
  • Start relaxing your body and let it loose. This will give room for the body to grow a few inches.
  • When you are hanging with your feet above the ground, gravity is acting on your body and trying to pull it downwards. This is what stretches your body throughout the process.

Hanging correctly to defy gravity and its effects

You can also give gravity boots a try

If you are willing to take hanging to the next level, you may consider adding a pair of gravity boots to your shopping cart and eventually to your collection of exercise equipment. To put it simply, gravity boots are used to help you hang upside down from a bar. Though similar to hanging in the usual way, gravity boots are believed to be more effective in reducing back pain and lengthening your legs.

As there are two sides to everything, the use of gravity boots come with a few downsides to it. One of the most obvious problems with gravity boots is that you will have to spend some money to own a pair. It may not be the best option for you to use a pair of gravity boots for height increase if you are on a tight budget. Another downside to hanging upside down with the help of gravity boots is that it puts you at risk of injury.

It is therefore extremely important to ensure that the bar from which you hang is strong enough to support your body weight when wearing a pair of gravity boots. Or else, you may end up crashing headfirst to the floor. You may also have a hard time removing the gravity boots from the bar if you do not have a strong core, although hanging upside down is actually good for strengthening your core.

Whether you prefer hanging or using gravity boots to increase your height is totally up to you. Both of them are incredibly useful in defying gravity and allowing your spine to decompress. Either way, you can rest assured that you will end up taller, especially if you perform it correctly and on a regular basis.

How much time should you spend hanging to increase height?

This mostly depends on your personal stamina because hanging is a strenuous exercise. Those who practice regularly can hang continuously for about 30 seconds at one go. Performing hanging exercise between 3 and 4 minutes every day is more than enough. Too much of it should be avoided as it can strain your muscles and ligaments.

Above is some basic information on how hanging increases height for you to take into consideration. You are recommended to start slowly, with proper intervals between various sessions, and give your muscles ample rest in between. You should also take your time and increase the frequency gradually as your body adjusts. All the best and let us know how it helps you.

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