NuBest Tall Kids Review – Best Multivitamin For Kids?

by   |   Feb 28, 2023
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Although there are many supplements on the market, not all products are of clear origin and have a clear impact on users. It can be said that regular multivitamins often do not deliver vital nutrients to kids. Not to mention, some supplements that come in chewable tablets can include extra sugar that leads to gum cavities and other health issues. That is why we searched for a healthier and less sugar alternative. And our NuBest Tall Kids Review below will help you know about a chewable multivitamin made from natural and safe sources.

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What is NuBest Tall Kids?

NuBest Tall Kids is a multivitamin supplement. It aims to give kids the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to help them grow strong and healthy. Formulated by NuBest, a premium supplement company with headquarter based in the U.S., you are guaranteed to get high-quality and prestigious products.

Each chewable is made with natural ingredients to support immunity, mood, brain development, and overall health. Importantly, it tastes great with the berry flavor.


The NuBest Tall supplement effectively helps increase height

Compositions of NuBest Tall Kids

That said, the ingredients of a product determine its effectiveness and impact on the users. Best Tall Kids is entirely developed and combined with a dense nutritional content that helps bone formation and the immune system. And this multivitamin truly stands out due to its comprehensive combination of necessary ingredients, which individually play vital roles in the body.

Vitamin A, 300 mg

Vitamin A is beneficial for kids. Lack of vitamin A can lead to blindness. Additionally, it can raise the danger of life-threatening illnesses. Here are some of its benefits:

  • It improves eye health.
  • Also, it is necessary for muscle health and functions.
  • It enhances the immune system.
  • Importantly, it is good for cellular growth.

Vitamin C, 22 mg

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that might keep kids’ immunity strong and healthy. Also, it helps prevent flu, common cold, and other viral infections. Vitamin C is also known as a water-soluble vitamin, so it must be consumed daily through food or supplements because it dissolves in water and is transported to the body’s tissues, but cannot be effectively retained.

Vitamin D3, 5 mcg

Kids need vitamin D3 to build strong bones since it helps enhance calcium absorption. It is good for the immune system as well. The primary roles of vitamin D3 in the body include developing bones, controlling muscular contractions, and converting blood glucose (sugar) into energy.

Vitamin E, 6 mg

Like vitamin C, vitamin E is also a potent antioxidant. It is necessary for enhancing immunity, aiding the heart, and improving clear eyesight. Vitamin E is required by the body to strengthen its defence against viruses and germs. It aids in dilating blood arteries and prevents blood clots from forming inside of them. Vitamin E is also used by cells to communicate with one another and perform a variety of crucial tasks

B vitamins

This multivitamin is full of vitamin B variations.

  • Thiamine, 0.5 mg
  • Riboflavin, 0.55 mg
  • Niacin, 6 mg
  • Vitamin B6, 0.55 mg
  • Biotin, 15 mcg
  • Folate, 30 mcg
  • Vitamin B12, 0.6 mcg

And here is the reason why these vitamins play a vital role in the growth and development of your kids. B vitamins help convert nutrients into energy. Also, they support red blood cells to transfer oxygen in the body effectively.


The ingredients of NuBest Tall Kids height growth supplement

Vitamin K2, 8 mcg

Vitamin K2 is essential for activating osteocalcin, a vital protein to build and maintain the structure of bone. Additionally, it supports healthy skin and bone metabolism, fosters appropriate cognitive function, and guards against heart-related illnesses.

Calcium, 120 mg

This mineral plays a critical role in proper bone development. And thanks to vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 in NuBest Tall Kids, the body easily absorbs calcium. Calcium is also necessary for the healthy operation of your heart and neurons. According to some research, calcium and vitamin D may also help prevent cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure

Magnesium, 18 mg

Along with calcium, magnesium supports the growth of bone mass and density. Also, it aids in regulating a range of vital bodily functions. But chronic low levels of magnesium can raise your chance of osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Zinc, 2.5 mg

Zinc is necessary for building a strong immunity as well as making the healing process of wounds quicker. Zinc can be found in a range of foods from plants and animals. It is essential for the health of the epidermis and cell growth and may offer protection from conditions, like acne and inflammation

Copper, 0.3 mg

This mineral aids in maintaining healthy bones, nerves, blood vessels, and immunity as well as contributes to iron absorption. People who are deficient in copper experience weakness and tiredness, frequent illness, weak and brittle bones, memory and learning issues, difficulties walking, increased cold sensitivity, pale skin, premature gray hair, and vision loss.


NuBest Tall Kids effectively increases height for children aged 2-9 years old

What ages can use NuBest Tall Kids?

The period from 2 to 9 years old is the recommended age to take NuBest Tall Kids.

  • For kids under the age of 4: Chew one tablet daily.
  • For kids age 4 and older: Chew one tablet twice per day.

As chewing tablets might be hard for some kids, you can crush the tablet and mix powder with milk, smoothie, juice, or any liquid foods.

Does NuBest Tall Kids really work?

You need to know that this is a multivitamin for kids. The advanced multivitamins and multiminerals in NuBest Tall Kids help support children’s immune systems, physical resilience as well as bone development. Each tablet is stuffed with 16 nutrients needed for kids’ proper health and overall growth. As long as your kids take it regularly, they might thrive strong and stay healthy.

This is proved by nearly thousands of positive reviews on its company’s website and Amazon. In fact, this product works for most kids. Many parents claim that their children’s health and growth have improved well. They seem to be active, energetic, and even get less sick.

However, there are some negative comments related to NuBest Tall Kids. Some parents said crushing the tablets and mixing them with foods was not as convenient as chewing vitamin gummies. Although gummies are easy to chew and come with many flavors, they might lack key nutrients and lead to dental issues due to their sugar amount.

As compared to other multivitamins, this one is quite pricey. But it is worth it due to the ingredient profile.

Last but not least, you need to encourage your kids to follow a healthy lifestyle when taking this multivitamin.

  • Firstly, help them replace fast food and sweets with fruits and veggies as well as sugary drinks with more water and milk.
  • Then encourage them to be more active daily, at least 60 minutes. Being active could help kids grow strong bones and muscles, do better in school, reach a healthy weight, and sleep better.
  • Help your kids get more and better quality sleep by setting a regular bedtime and creating a relaxing bedtime routine.

Or consult here to get helpful tips for your children to grow taller effectively.

How much is NuBest Tall Kids?

NuBest Tall Kids is available on Amazon and the official NuBest website for $39.00 (a 60-tablet bottle) and $55.00 (a 90-tablet bottle).

Also, the website offers many other promotions that you can choose to save more. For instance, join a subscription program to save 15% OFF on upcoming orders. Or simply buy more than 3 bottles to get a discounted price.


Is NuBest Tall Kids FDA-approved?

Remember that the FDA does not have the force to review the efficacy and safety of dietary supplements. In fact, NuBest uses natural, clean, and responsible ingredients in its multivitamins for kids. And all are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. So, you are guaranteed to get the highest quality.

Pros and cons of NuBest Tall Kids


  • NuBest Tall Kids has 16 different vitamins and minerals.
  • It satisfies nutritional demands, supports immune health, and improves overall growth and development.
  • It is appropriate for picky eaters and kids with nutritional deficiencies.
  • It is chewable with cute animal shapes.
  • It provides two versions, 60 and 90 tablets.
  • It is made in the U.S. in an FDA-registered facility, and certified by GMP and HACCP.
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Kids might be bored since this multi only delivers one flavor, berry.
  • Not all kids can chew well, so you should be careful.

NuBest Tall Kids customer reviews

“Three of my daughters don’t like the Centrum vitamins but like these vitamins. I found some growth as we are measuring their height regularly. Will continue to use it for sure. What a terrific result!”

Terresa Williams – Colorado, USA

“My 7-year-old kid is allergic to many kinds of food and this limits his liking to try new things. But since we took NuBest Tall Kids, he has been trying new food and eating more. This is awesome, also we have seen that his immunity has been stronger than before.”

Norward Lisa – Denver, USA

“Since my 4-year-old girl took NuBest Tall Kids, I believe it helps her health. She seems to be more active and energetic. Cute animal shapes with yummy berry taste and flavor are a plus for kids. She seems to be excited when guessing which animal is.”

beans – Canada

“Kids (6 years old) usually get sniffling when the season changes, but these vitamins might help strengthen their immunity. Now, my son is growing much better with his improved health. He also loves the flavor and takes two days.”

Mailin’ – Sydney, Australia

“This product provides nearly all vital vitamins and minerals for kids’ overall growth in one chewable candy-like tablet. I’m happy he enjoys his “vitamin time.” Also, his height started to change after taking it for 4 months.”

Railey Patty – Leicester, UK

“I can’t believe the difference it made to my daughter’s height. Her height has definitely gained a few inches taller in just half a year. More importantly, it also boosted her confidence and improved her mood.”

Olivia –  New Jersey, USA

“I always start my day with 1 capsule of this. This is everything I need in just a simple capsule.”

Rory – Vancouver, Canada

How can I tell a real NuBest Tall Kids from a fake one?

Unfortunately, we have found that fake NuBest Tall Kids products are being offered on the market. This has an impact on both the customers’ well-being and the brand’s reputation. To ensure NuBest Nutrition’s reputation and the health and safety of the customers, here are some ways to distinguish between the real NuBest Tall Kids and the fake ones:

  • Pay notice to the packing: No matter how exquisitely it is done, fake products’ packaging is distinct from that of original products. You can compare the label of the NuBest Tall Kids container with the one you received by visiting the company’s website. You can take any spelling mistakes or color discrepancies as an indication that you made a mistaken purchase.
  • Locate the maker by checking: Never buy height-increasing products online without first checking the location of the product’s manufacturer.

Where can I buy NuBest Tall Kids?

You can purchase the NuBest Tall Kids via Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, or the official website of NuBest Nutrition to get more discount offers.

NuBest also provides either a free exchange of products or a refund in case of any bad experiences caused by the products within 30 days of your purchase. Just inform them within 30 days of delivery for a refund or exchange, and they will get in touch with you.

In sum

NuBest Tall Kids delivers a healthy way to enhance the nutrition your kids need every day. The formula is safe for them because it only includes natural vitamins and minerals without fillers, added sugar, or other additives. Therefore, if your kids are picky eaters, try giving them this chewable multivitamin daily, and soon you could notice positive changes. However, supplements can only support but cannot completely replace healthy meals. Therefore, to make the most of the supplement, you should combine it with eating, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly.

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