9 tips to help children grow taller

by   |   Jun 12, 2024

We parents always want to find ways and provide our kids the best conditions to help them grow tall and strong. There are quite a few external factors that can affect height and growth, so it is possible for parents to maximize the chances of growing taller for children throughout their childhood and adolescence. Let’s look at these healthy tips to help your children grow taller maximally.

A balanced diet will help

Diet is the core of healthy growth and strong development for both height and the whole body. Eating a balanced diet includes all types of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats and vitamins to provide sufficient nutrition for the developing body. Make sure to arrange the platters in the correct proportion without loading up too much of one thing or another that could cause adverse effects.


Provide your children foods rich in lean proteins, including poultry, lean meat, soy, eggs and dairy products to build up muscles, bones and other tissues. Foods rich in carbohydrates are rice, bread, potatoes to supply energy and sustain growth. Don’t forget to include foods with healthy fats such as fatty fish, avocado, nuts and olive oil. Also ensure the intake of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin D and Calcium to promote healthy bone growth. Foods rich in these nutrients include green leafy vegetables, fish, mushrooms and dairy products. The key is trying to include all foods that benefit height increase into your children’s daily food chart and diet.

Healthy eating habits

Along with a well-balanced diet, it is important for your children to build up healthy eating habits. Many kids prefer to have all the junk foods such as fast food, pizza, soft drinks, packed chips, etc. Make sure to replace those junkies with healthy and proper meals to ensure their nutrition. Also help them to avoid sweets and treats as well as simple carbohydrates like soda, pastry, cake, etc.


While building up a healthy eating style, parents should ensure children’s eating schedule with every 3-5 hours without skipping meals or eating too many snacks. Skipping meals or delaying meals with snacks can be pretty common that could lead to undesirable food choices, too much hunger or overeating.

Sleep enough 

As parents, we are clear about the significance of good sleep to kids’ height growth and body development. Children will grow thanks to the production of growth hormones during their deep sleep. The recommended hours for enough sleep also vary by ages. For instance, young children ages 3-5 years old need 10-13 hours of sleep while teenagers need 8-9 hours. Ensure your children sleep well without staying up late, watching night shows or skipping sleep. Getting some extra sleep may even increase growth hormones, so let your kids take some powerful naps if possible.


Use supplements to support their growth

Using supplements is one common way for parents to provide nutritional support for their children. Sometimes it is impossible for parents to provide all nutrients needed, not to mention there are lots of children who are picky eaters. There are many supplements available that contain different ingredients and nutrients to assist height growth and overall health. Ensure that you pay attention to choose quality products, sometimes you may need instructions from doctors.


Stay active under sunlight

Your children need to play outside in the sun often to be active and synthesize vitamin D for better growth. Sunlight is a great source for children to receive vitamin D, which is essential to absorb Calcium from diets and increase the process of bone growth and bone strength. Pay attention to use some sunscreens or sun protectors during the warmest hours of the day to avoid the harmful UV rays. 


Stretching exercises

Exercising regularly plays an important role in height acceleration for children. Stretching exercises, even simple ones can pose a great impact on their height increase. It helps lengthen the spine and improve the posture of your children. There are various ways to do simple stretching exercises. For instance, make your child stand on his toes with his back against the wall, raise his hand up to stretch as much as possible. For better results, it should be repeated at least 10 times a day, considering the stamina and safety of your children.

Practice yoga for kids

It can be exciting for your children if they give yoga a try. Yoga has always been great practice that benefits your body, health and mental well-being. It can strengthen muscles, enhance flexibility, align body and help you correct your posture. While practicing yoga, your children will engage in poses that involve entire stretching and balance to help them increase their height. You can exercise at home or gym quite easily. Make sure your children do some simple breathing exercises before practice.   

Swimming is good for kids to grow taller

Swimming is an activity that is common and well-loved by kids that can boost your children’s height growth effectively. It is a healthy habit to exercise the whole body, work your muscles, lose fat and improve general well-being. This sport involves lots of stretching forward that can strengthen and elongate the spine to help your body grow taller. Such practice should be done regularly for months to get the best results. It is found that teenagers who do swimming frequently during their teenage years had visibly better height.


Maintain good posture

Poor posture can make you look shorter than you actually are. Slumping, slouching, spending too much time on the computer or using too hand-held gadgets can affect your children’s spine and actual height. The bone structure of kids is still soft and immature so it can be easily affected. Avoid giving them heavy objects and encourage them to practice exercises regularly. The back should curve naturally in three places and it may shift to accommodate new posture if you slump or slouch frequently. Therefore, it is important to straighten their shoulders and back and chin up to maintain good posture. Also being mindful of how they sit and sleep.

Childhood and adolescence are ideal times for children to grow taller, so parents should pay close attention to ensure these helpful tips for them to accelerate their height properly. Make your children proper foods, encourage healthy habits and support them to exercise frequently to achieve desirable heights. Don’t forget to pay attention to their stamina and body conditions to ensure good health and well-being.

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