Top 10 exercises to increase height at home

by   |   Jun 11, 2024

If you have ever felt insecure about your height, here is good news for you. Despite the heavy impact of genetic factors on human height, you can still influence it to a certain extent using physical factors such as exercise or diet. This explains why some people can grow taller even at the age of 22-25 whereas for others, height growth stops after the onset of puberty. Let’s find out what exercises increase height to practice at home and add a few inches to your height.

Pilates rollover


Increases height by stretching your spine and providing added length

This easy yet efficient exercise to your upper body. The vertebrae of your neck are also stretched and lengthened in the process.

  • Start off by lying on your basck with your arms along your sides and your palms facing down.
  • Keep your legs together and extend them straight up towards the ceiling at a 90-degree angle.
  • Lift your legs overhead. Keep your hands pressed down on the mat and end with your feet and legs parallel to the ground.
  • Slowly lower your legs back to the 90-degree position, placing one vertebra at a time onto the mat.

This workout seems difficult at first, but it will get easier with regular practice. The more you exercise, the more your height is increased.

Bar hanging


Another exercise to increase height at home is bar hanging

Another exercise to increase height at home is bar hanging. As gravity compresses your spine and joints, it adversely affects your height and gives you a shorter appearance. Hanging on a horizontal bar is a simple way to tackle this problem. It decreases the pull on the vertebrae and leverages your lower torso’s weight to stretch the spine. As a result, this exercise increases your height from 1 to 2 inches, but not instantly.

A horizontal bar is needed for this exercise and should be placed at a height that allows your body to extend with room to move. You can bend your knees slightly in order to hang freely if your body cannot fully extend. While hanging, ensure that your palms are facing outwards and your arms, shoulders, and hips are as relaxed as possible so that the gravity effectively pulls the body further.

Some people also wear ankle weights for additional benefits. This workout should be done in 20 seconds and repeated at least 3 times. It is definitely considered a good choice among the exercises to increase height.

Land swimming


Land swimming – Height increase exercise

When it comes to exercises to increase height, swimming surely appears at the top of most people’s minds. However, for those without the privilege of having a swimming pool in their houses, land swimming can be an alternative exercise to increase height. It involves the movement of alternate leg-hand pair.

Your left arm teams up with your right leg and your right arm pairs up with your left leg. Lie in a prone position and lift each pair turn by turn, meanwhile outstretch each limb as far as you can.

Rope skipping


Rope skipping is also among the best exercises to increase height

Rope skipping is not only a fun game but it is also among the best exercises to increase height. Skipping rope requires a lot of jumping, which triggers the cells of your body from head to toe. Besides, while skipping rope, every muscle of your body becomes active.

This collaborative muscle workout is essential for a streamlined growth of your body. In addition to increasing height, this exercise also retunes the fat distribution in different body areas.

Leg raise


Leg raise is incredibly easy and simple

It would not be a complete list of exercises to increase height at home without leg raise. This workout is incredibly easy and simple.

  • Lie down on your back.
  • Keep your legs together and slowly raise them towards the ceiling at a 90-degree angle.
  • Gradually bring your legs downwards near the ground but keep them a few inches above the floor.
  • Repeat this exercise around 7-8 times a day.

Pelvic shift


Pelvic shift – Height increasing exercise

How many hours of the day do you normally sit? Did you know that your height could be reduced by sitting for long hours? In fact, prolonged periods of sitting cause the changing shape of the spine and associated muscle imbalances, which adversely affects the growth of your body. The pelvic shift targets the spine and lower hips in order to minimize the negative consequences of sitting for long hours. It is therefore considered one of the most effective exercises to increase height.

  • Lie in a straight position with your shoulders flat on the floor.
  • Keep your arms stretched out on your sides with palms down.
  • Bend your knees and draw your feet close to the buttocks.
  • Arch your back so that the pelvis is lifted. Let your legs and shoulders support your weight.
  • Hold the position for at least 30 seconds and repeat.

Cobra stretch


Cobra-stretch: Best exercise to increase height

This yoga exercise is intended to stretch your spine and make it supple. It also supports the growth of the cartilage between your vertebrae and is widely regarded as one of the most popular exercises to increase height.

  • Lie on the floor with your face down.
  • Place your palms on the floor under your shoulders.
  • Lift your chin while arching your spine to form an elevated angle.
  • Arch back as far as possible and stay in this position for at least 30 seconds.
  • 5 repetitions should be enough to start with the exercise initially.

Single-leg hopping


Single-leg hopping – Height increase exercise at home

As one of the simplest exercises to increase height, single-leg hopping can be done anywhere and anytime, whether you are watching TV, reading books, or playing in the park. Hop on your left leg 8 times with your hands pointing towards the sky and then hop on your right leg in the same way. Throughout this bouncing exercise, you are contributing to developing the brain, strengthening your legs, generating growth hormones, and increasing height.

Alternate leg kicking


Alternate leg kicking – How to grow taller with exercise

This exercise is derived from Taekwondo – a Korean martial art characterized by leg kicks. Although the exercise is a defensive move, it helps to increase your height tremendously as it extends your body muscles, especially those in your legs.

  • Start by standing on the mat in a straight posture.
  • Stretch your body to the maximum while extending your right leg up.
  • Keep your hands close to your chest with your fists tight.
  • Start kicking in the air for about 30 seconds.
  • Repeat this process with your left leg.

Standing stretch

The last item on the list of exercises to increase height is standing stretch. It is relatively similar to the vertical bend exercise but instead of placing your legs apart while standing, you should keep them joined. Then, bend and try to touch your toes. Aim for the toes but do not push yourself beyond your body limits.

Also, remember to keep your knees straight while you perform the exercise. It stimulates the muscles in your back and calves as well as massages your thigh muscles, which eventually helps increase your height.

Now that you understand what exercises increase height, try to practice them regularly from 2 to 3 times a week for the best results. Over-exercising should be avoided as it can cause injury and hamper the recovering capacity of the body.

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