Top 8 healthy drinks that make you taller

by   |   Dec 09, 2022

A healthy and balanced diet has a great impact on your children’s nutrition intake and body development. Aside from nutritious foods, healthy drinks and beverages can help them grow stronger and taller naturally. Here are some drinks that can add inches up to your children’s height and keep them healthy in the long run.


Top 8 healthy drinks that make you taller


Water is the most vital nutrient in the body and is the best choice to satisfy children’s thirst. It is critical to health and essential to many development processes in humans. Dehydration will cause negative impacts and consequences to your children’s health in many ways, potentially reduced brain function, constipation or fatigue, etc.

The daily amount of water that a child needs will depend on age, weight and sex. The recommendations for total water are as below (1), that includes water from all sources: drinking water, other beverages and food:

  • Age 4 to 8 years: 7 cups/day for both boys and girls.
  • Age 9 to 13 years: 9 cups/day (girls) and 10 cups/day (boys).
  • Age 1 to 18 years: 10 cups/day (girls) and 14 cups/day (boys)

Sometimes getting your children to drink water can be quite challenging, here are some tips to encourage them to enjoy water:

  • Make it a habit for everyone in your family to drink water.
  • Make water easily available for your children, e.g. provide them a bottle or a jug of water at home.
  • Have water on the table at snack and meal times.
  • Let them choose their favorite cups to drink.
  • Sometimes plain water can be boring, you can try adding slices of lemon or fruits to make healthy infused water.
  • Always let your children bring a filled water bottle when going out for class or outdoor activities. 



Drinking milk helps increase height effectively

Plain cow’s milk is probably the most popular among healthy drinks that can boost height growth for children and teenagers. Milk is nutritious, easily available and accessible from all places, supermarkets to convenient stores, or straight delivery to your doorstep.

Milk contains essential nutrients such as calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals. Among vital nutrients, calcium – which helps bones grow stronger and longer, is found abundantly in milk. Protein in milk helps increase muscle mask and body growth.  

Banana shake

Banana is a rich source of nutrients that could help you boost height in many ways. It contains calcium, potassium, magnesium and healthy probiotic bacteria. It also neutralizes sodium and helps retain the concentration of calcium in bones. 

And thus having a snack with bananas can absolutely help you grow taller. Banana shake is a healthy and easy-to-make beverage for your children to absorb more calcium and nutrients. There are also various ways to customize your own banana shake, from adding milk to cream depending on your taste.

Orange/ Citrus Juice


Orange and other citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which is an essential vitamin to grow taller. It strengthens bone tissues, increases blood circulation and enhances body growth. Moreover, calcium is abundant in orange, which allows orange juice to provide a sufficient amount of this key nutrient to your body to increase height. 

It is quite easy and enjoyable to have a glass of squeezed orange juice on a regular basis. Loading up on vitamin C also boosts the immune system to ensure good overall health for your children.

Guava Juice

Guava is the kind of food that is surprisingly rich in vitamin D and vitamin C, which strongly support height growth and body development. Vitamin D plays a vital role in absorbing and delivering calcium to your bones and teeth. Pure guava juice has delicious taste. Note that you should include guava peel because it contains most of the vitamin C of the fruit. Guava juice is also available in supermarkets if you cannot make it on your own.

Coconut water


Plain coconut water provides several nutrients for growth such as vitamin C, magnesium and potassium – all of which are beneficial for height growth. It is an excellent beverage to rehydrate your body, especially when you have active children who sweat a lot for exercises or outdoor activities. Although it contains calories and sugar, it still makes a healthier choice compared to soda or sugary sport drinks. Coconut water is also good for sick children to recover after diarrhea or vomiting. 

Greens/Spinach smoothies

Smoothies are delightful beverages that you could sneak in many different types of fruits and vegetables for your children’s healthy diet and deal with picky eaters. There are many good choices for children, including spinach, kale, cauliflower, beets, etc. to provide nutritious smoothies. They can be blended in unsweetened milk and healthy add-ins such as seeds, cocoa powder and so on. 

For instance, spinach is rich in many valuable minerals and vitamins, fibers, magnesium, calcium, etc. All of which contribute to strong and healthy bone growth. It also contains a high amount of vitamin D. It is recommended to provide your children healthy smoothies as snacks or alongside a small meal because they are high in calories.

Herbal Tea

Certain herbal teas are safe and healthy for children such as lemongrass, mint, chamomile, etc. Although tea may not be considered to be very children-friendly, they can be great alternatives to sweetened or sugary beverages. 

Herbal teas contain lots of nutritional benefits and provide good relief for children who are sick or anxious. It is beneficial for mental health and promotes better sleep. For instance, lemongrass tea can be used to calm and soothe children’s anxiety. Chamomile has been used as a natural treatment for intestinal symptoms such as gas, diarrhea or indigestion. However, make sure that you do not serve tea that is too hot for children to prevent burning.

It is widely known that children should have a balanced diet to increase height optimally. Along with foods, beverages also play a major role in providing sufficient nutrition for them to make you taller and healthier. Considering all options above can be good suggestions for you to make a beneficial menu to increase your children’s height and enhance their overall health.



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Directions: For children (5+) and teenagers who do not drink milk daily.

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