Can supplements help increase height?

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Have you ever looked up to other people and wished you were just a few extra inches taller than your current height? You are not alone. Height is a common concern, not only for teenagers but also for parents who want to maximize their child’s height potential. In the era of the Internet and digital technologies, it is not strange to come across advertisements about height enhancement capsules on your phone screen. But whether those simple, tiny pills can unlock your height capacity is still unanswered.

Let’s explore the nature of height in person and how height is primarily affected by internal and external factors to examine the possible effects of supplements on a teenager’s full stature.

The Science of Height: Genetics vs. Environment

How Genetics Dictate Your Height Potential

Genetics plays a significant role in identifying an individual’s height. Height, or the so-called polygenic trait, is influenced by multiple genes. These genes invariably inherited from one’s parents and even family members are the main regulators dictating variations in height within a population. Genetics accounts for approximately 60 to 80% of an individual’s height, with the remaining variation depending on external environmental factors.

But how does your DNA work in determining your final skeletal development? Explanatorily, your genetic information is stored in your DNA residing in chromosomes. Among them, specific genes hold the instructions for building your body, including the formation of your skeletal structure.

These height-oriented genes can be slightly different. Variations are called alleles that can influence how your body interprets the instructions and ultimately determine your physical height.


Growth Plate Function

Growth plates, specialized areas near the end of your long bones, are where new bone tissue is produced constantly during childhood and adolescence. Genes themselves take the role of regulating the activity and lifespan of these active growth plates, such as impacting how long your bone can grow.

Growth Hormones and Signaling

Genes also impose certain influences on the production of growth hormones (GH) in the pituitary gland, which is a key player in bone development. Not only stimulation but genes also affect the regulation and sensitivity of your body’s cells to growth hormones.

Growth hormones strongly correlate with the main function of the growth plates. In particular, growth hormones activate the proliferation of chondrocytes, special cells within the plates responsible for the elevated creation of new cartilage, resulting in longitudinal bone growth during formative years.

In addition to growth plates, growth hormones also facilitate the development of insulin-like growth factors (IGF-1) by stimulating the liver and other tissues. IGF-1 is a crucial mediator for the growth-promoting effects of growth hormones and effectively triggers chondrocyte proliferation and bone growth at growth plates.

Cartilage Development

Cartilage plays an imperative role in bone development, also identified by the impactful genes. Genetics influence the conversion of cartilage into mature bone tissue throughout developmental phases, such as puberty and growth spurts.

In summary, genetic factors contribute to the potential development of one’s future stature. Understanding the role of genetics in height determination provides more comprehensive insights into variations in height within populations. Continue to scroll down to discuss other remaining yet important factors to maximize full genetic height potential.

Fueling Your Growth: The Importance of Nutrition

Childhood and adolescence are the critical points of rapid development requiring sufficient nutrient intake to support optimal growth; therefore, a balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals is highly recommended during this phase.

Macronutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, provide the building blocks necessary for growth and development. Protein serves as a crucial compound of the organic matrix in bones, which acts as a scaffolding framework for the deposition of not only calcium but also other minerals. As a result, protein contributes largely to the structures and vigors of your bones. Besides, protein is featured as a factor triggering collagen synergy in the body, an element that assists in building, maintaining, and repairing bones.

Last but not least, it would be a huge mistake without the presence of Calcium and vitamin D, two of the most important elements among an array of vitamins and minerals needed for bone formation. Commonly, calcium is a primary component pivotal for establishing bone mineralization and thickness, while vitamin D precipitates calcium absorption. Ultimately, the powerful duo of vitamin D and Calcium is one of the main factors bolstering your linear growth.


Can supplements help increase height?

The Rise of Daily Supplements: Reasons for Popularity

Supplements have been predominantly consumed by many people lately for various reasons. The busy lifestyles of city dwellers make it challenging to fulfill an adequate amount of nutrients and vitamins needed to maintain a healthy body solely through a balanced diet. So, some people start using supplements with a strong belief that they can help address personalized health conditions, such as joint pains. Meanwhile, individuals also prioritize supplements as a preventative measure to their overall well-being against potential chronic diseases related to the cardiovascular system, bones and joints, liver, eyes, stomach, and so on.

Another noticeable cause persuades people with promises of eradicating nutritional deficiencies and filling those gaps to ensure the body gets what it needs for optimal growth.

One problem that has been prevalent worldwide is vitamin D deficiency, people with limited sunlight exposure or following strict vegetarian diets are highly susceptible to this issue. Consequences, such as impaired bone health and a high risk of fractures, are observed. Vegan pills from NuBest Bone Xtra, formulated with all the essential vitamins for bone builders, can be a good choice for you.

If you are concerned about not getting enough protein from your diet for your bones and the whole body to function properly, consider the on-the-go protein shake NuBest Tall Protein.

Do Height Growth Supplements Work? Separating Fact from Fiction

Admittedly, while some supplements might contain a glamorous list of ingredients essential for height attainment, there is limited evidence supporting the effectiveness of supplements on height growth so far. Nutrients consisting of calcium, vitamin D, or amino acids can only be supportive agents accompanied by healthy habits to maximize your height at the best. Otherwise, supplements alone are believed to not have any direct relationship with noticeable height achievement.


Besides genetics that set an upper limit for your height, healthy habits, such as proper nutrition, quality sleep, and regular exercise, are indispensable for your height vitality. You can still consider taking supplements to better support growth during the developmental phases in your life, especially puberty, and avoid nutritional deficiencies that might hinder your maximum height potential. Bear in mind that always consult your doctor before taking any supplementary pills. Especially if you are undergoing treatment or taking medicines because some supplements can interact with the current medication to cause unintended effects detrimental to your body


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