The Average Height For A 15-Year-Old Child

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As parents, you need to understand the development of children, especially their puberty. That is because this period is vital for their potential growth in height.

15 is often known as the end of puberty. It might be right for girls, but not for boys. So, you might wonder what is the average height for a 15-year-old child. Is there any difference between them? Can they continue growing taller? To get the answer, make sure you reach the end.

What is the average height for 15-year-old boys and girls?

15-year-old boys might continue growing for one or two years. Around this age, their voices sound deep, and they may start to grow facial hair. Also, they could gain muscle quickly at this age. Meanwhile, most girls have acquired their full height at this age [1].

The average height for 15-year-old boy

In most cases, boys’ height measurements at 15 will lie between 5 feet 0.87 inches  (154.61 centimeters) and 6 feet 0.49 inches (184.13 centimeters). So, the mean height for this age group of boys is 5 feet 6.98 inches (170.14 centimeters) [2].

The average height for 15-year-old girl

Girls’ height measurements at this age will lie between 4 feet 11 inches (149.74 centimeters) and 5 feet 8.56 inches (174.15 centimeters). So, the mean height for this age group of girls is 5 feet 3.74 inches (161.9 centimeters) [3].


what is the average height of a 15 year old boy in feet

How to calculate BMI in children?

BMI, or Body Mass Index, is a measure of body fat based on height and weight. But the BMI numbers that classify an adult do not work for children and teens. That is because kids are still growing, and there are changes in body fat between boys and girls.

BMI for children is classified as a percentile based on height, weight, sex, and age. Use an online calculator here to find out your child’s BMI. Then look at the result below.

  • Underweight: BMI less than 5th percentile
  • Healthy weight: BMI between 5th percentile and 84th percentile
  • Overweight: BMI between 85th percentile and 94th percentile
  • Obesity: BMI at or greater than the 95th percentile

How to get taller at 15?

We will list down some of the real tips for what you can do to help your children grow easily at this age.

Having a nutritious diet

Children need a diet that can provide all the building blocks their body needs for growth, thereby optimizing height potential. But what foods should you focus on to get taller?

  • Protein from lean meats, low-fat milk and dairy products, eggs, beans, unsalted nuts, quinoa, tofu, and nut butter. The growth and development of muscles, bones, organs, and other tissues mainly depend on nourishing sources of protein in the diet.
  • Vitamin D and calcium from low-fat milk and fortified dairy products, fish, dark and leafy green veggies, mushrooms, and orange juice. These nutrients play a critical role in promoting bone health and growth.
  • Healthy fats from olives, nuts, seeds, avocados, fatty fish, and plant and vegetable oils. Brain development and body functions need these fats to process normally, thereby supporting healthy overall growth during the teenage years.
  • Minerals from dark poultry, dark and leafy green veggies, and legumes. Iron is one of the most necessary minerals, especially for girls who start menstruating. Also, potassium, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, and calcium contribute to helping your children get taller.
  • Vitamins from dairy products, leafy greens, legumes, whole grains, lean meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc. Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc. are extremely necessary for helping the body produce energy.

Not skipping any meals

Teens who have breakfast show better performance at school and are less likely to be sluggish. Although skipping meals might save more time, if this happens in the long run, your kid will meet unexpected issues, like weight gain, fatigue, loss of concentration, and nutrient deficiencies. Also, having meals is the best time to talk as a family and create connections and bonds.

Taking healthy snacks

Nutrient-poor snacks and drinks only add extra calories without supplying any healthy nutrients like vitamins and fibers. As parents, you should prepare healthy snacks like homemade trail mix, no-sugar-added dried fruits, or vegetable sticks and hummus to satisfy mid-day hunger.

Staying hydrated

Water is considered the gold standard of hydration instead of soda or sports drinks. Also, it is fine to opt for sparkling water, homemade fruit infusions, 100% fruit juices, and water-rich foods, like watermelon, cucumber, coconut water, or cantaloupe. Keeping the body hydrated with these above things is vital since they help improve digestion, support metabolism, boost HGH, and remove toxins from the body, thereby contributing to height gain.

Exercising regularly

Exercising daily is a good way to stimulate the production of growth hormones and support healthy bone growth. Skipping or hanging on a horizontal bar is one of the best exercises to increase height. Also, you should engage in yoga poses to correct the proper posture of the body as well as improve your flexibility. But it is suggested to do yoga under the supervision of an instructor to ensure the best results.

Getting enough sleep

When you have a sound and deep sleep, your brain starts releasing the human growth hormone necessary for height growth. Teens at 15 need to sleep between 8 and 10 hours to ensure proper growth.


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Practicing good posture

Do you know that poor posture might leave negative effects, not only on your frame but also on your overall health? Slouching over time might make you look shorter than you truly are. Besides, it may cause back pain and growth issues during growing years. That is why you need to practice good posture by keeping your shoulders back, neck and head tall, and chest up to lengthen your spine as well as make you appear tall.

Getting regular sunlight exposure

As mentioned above, vitamin D is critical for calcium absorption and usage. You can take this vitamin from certain foods as well as from sunlight – the richest source of vitamin D. Having outdoor activities or exercises, or simply going for a walk between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m is ideal to help your body synthesize enough vitamin D for a day.

Controlling stress

Scientists have pointed out a link between acute and chronic stress and impaired growth in many children exposed to stress [2]. At this age, teens might have a stressful time due to all kinds of changes surrounding them and within them. As parents, you should take care of their mental health and help them deal with stress.

Taking height-increasing supplements

These dietary supplements can give your children the boost they need to get taller at 15. That is because height-increasing pills are packed with necessary nutrients that promote healthy bone growth and overall health. They even fulfill nutritional gaps in the diet and ensure the body receives everything it needs to grow. But not all the products have the same formula. So, it is wise to check everything carefully before deciding on one.

In a word

You know the average height for a 15-year-old child, right? Do your kids grow properly? Are they underweight or overweight? No matter what your answer is, as long as you know how to help them have a healthy lifestyle by applying the ways mentioned above. Do your best, parents!


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