Does Pull-Ups Increase Height?

by   |   Jun 11, 2024

Once you are here, I am sure you can find a solution to deal with your short stature. And today I have something new for you but make sure you stay with me until the end.

Can pull-ups increase height?

That’s the question I believe everyone wants to find a proper answer to. If you are ready to find the truth, this article is yours.

Do regular pull-ups help increase height?

Pull-ups do not directly increase your height. Strictly speaking, this fitness exercise helps enhance your posture and make you look taller than before. Good posture mainly relies on the core muscles and strong back responsible for steadying the spine. When strengthening upper body muscles like the arm, chest, back, and abs, you can keep an upright posture by exercising these muscles to remain your upper body aligned and balanced.


Performing pull-ups regularly also allows your body to create and deliver more growth hormones, which are necessary to make you taller. However, keep in mind that over-exercising or over-strengthening your body muscles might cause bad damage as well as preventing you from reaching your goals. So, if you want to get positive benefits from this exercise, you need to do it precisely.

How to do pull-ups to grow taller?

If you do not pull up properly and regularly, you cannot grow taller for sure.

In order to get any results from doing pull-ups, the foremost and first thing is to have a proper form. Stand under the bar with your arms pointing directly above and palms facing away from you. Then jump for the bar and hold the handle. But avoid forcing your thumbs; make sure you feel comfortable when holding it.

The bar should be high so that your legs are totally in the air. Next, cross one leg over the other to stabilize your lower body and involve your abs to steady your spine.

Slowly bend your elbows to go upward and ensure they aim directly down toward the floor. Then resist your body from swinging in the bar and try to be straight upward and downward while holding the bar. When reaching upward, take a short pause, bring yourself down, and return to the starting position.


It sounds easy for those who are accustomed to hoisting themselves every day, but if you are a beginner, how do you get your first pull-up when your “pull” muscles are not strong enough?

First up…

Try bent-over dumbbell rows

  • Do 8 reps for each arm.
  • Then rest for 2 minutes.
  • Continue doing another set.
  • Repeat until you complete 3 sets.

Pick dumbbells that you feel comfortable doing at least 5 reps a set. Then you can try the heavier ones and if you can lift the 25-pound one, let’s move on to the next level.

Do inverted bodyweight rows

If you want to do pull-ups correctly, you should not miss bodyweight rows. These aim at your lower and lower angle that helps increase the difficulty of the movement.

  • Do some rows when the bar is higher
  • Then lower the bar and keep progressing

Until your body is at a 45-degree angle or lower, let’s move on to the next one.

Start performing pull-ups with assistance

  • With a chair – Put either one or two feet on the chair and use it for support only. Make sure you use your upper body as much as possible.
  • With an exercise band – Put your foot in an exercise band and start pulling yourself up. You can try different bands with different levels of strength.
  • With a partner – Ask your friend to hold your feet behind you and assist you to finish each rep. But remember that they only support you, so you need to try your best to get through workouts.

Try negative pull-ups

Negative pull-ups are less intense than full pull-ups, so you can use them as a warm-up exercise to get you ready for the real one.

  • Grab the bar with an overhand grip.
  • Then jump so your chest is as close to the bar as possible.
  • Lower yourself as slowly as you can to help build strength.

After completing the above guidance, you now have enough strong muscles to start pulling yourself up. So, what next?

How many pull-ups to increase height in 1 week?

The proper techniques might make the process easier, but remember that dedication is the only and effective way to attain your pull-ups goals. The more you do, the stronger you get, and finally, you will possess a good posture that makes you look taller.


For a balanced yet concentrated pull-up regime, you should perform 3 or 4 sets between 2 and 3 times every week. Also, do not forget to let your back and arm muscles rest by taking at least 1 day off.

In case you want to do pull-ups per day, you need to know how many you should be doing to increase height.

Indeed, there is no proper answer to this question because this depends on your current fitness level. If you cannot do more than 2 pull-ups, yet want to perform every day, it’s fine to start with 1 pull-up.  Or, instead of doing 15 or more pull-ups in a single set, you can do 10 or fewer pull-ups.

Always listen to your body’s signals and make sure you do not overtrain, or it might lead to some unexpected effects like lack of motivation, performance decrease, insomnia, etc.

How about other benefits of doing pull-ups?

Aside from helping you get a good posture and making you look taller, performing pull-ups regularly brings many benefits.

Work on many muscles at once

Pull-ups are compound exercises because they engage many muscle groups, including your forearms, shoulders, biceps, triceps, core, and many other areas on top of those. If you are short of time and need a quick boost of energy for your day, try pull-ups. Although they might be tough at first, when getting used to them, you will be obtaining lots of benefits.

Develop your grip strength

Another visible benefit is that this exercise gives you a strong grip to pull your body weight while hanging from a bar. Even it improves your grip strength so that you can excel at other activities such as climbing, martial arts, or even pickle-jar opening.

A strong grip means a stronger heart as well. People with better handgrip strength will have a healthier heart function and structure since they are pumping more blood per heartbeat [1].

Burn fat

Adding pull-ups to your workout routine is an ideal way to burn fat and help you lose weight. Since this exercise requires you to use many upper muscles, it allows you to expend more energy to burn more calories. Just pull yourself up in 30 seconds, and you can give your body a fat-burning boost. Importantly, the leaner you are, the easier you can pull your weight to the bar.

Make your back stronger and healthier

Having weak back muscles is one of the top reasons why people get a bad posture and back pain. Most of us sit too much, and that results in a bad posture. With pull-ups, you cannot only make your body look more alluring but also keep your back muscles stronger and healthier. As a result, you will have much better balance and posture.


Furthermore, pull-ups build functional strength when you need to lift something or do physical activities. Since you have stronger muscles, you don’t worry about getting a back injury.

Improve mood

Another interesting thing is that you can be happier when doing pull-ups. The fact, performing any form of exercise makes your brain release endorphins [2]. Besides, having a correct shape gives you pride and comfort.

Be convenient to do

Versatility and convenience are one of the best benefits of pull-ups for height. You don’t need to visit a gym when all you need is your own 2 arms and something you can grab and hang like a strong tree branch in your backyard or money bars at your kids’ playground.

Wrapping up

Will pull-ups make you taller? By the way, you know this exercise not only makes you look taller but also strengthens your body. And always make sure you do it in the correct way to get all benefits.

Are you ready?

Include this exercise in your workout now!





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