Can height pills make you taller?


It is little wonder that a number of people with modest height share a universal aspiration to look taller. Taking advantage of this, supplement companies are flooding the market with an inexhaustible array of height growth pills that promise miraculously instant growth.

Yet, is there any grain of truth in their “amazing” formulas? Can height growth pills really help height-challenged people who struggle just to look even an inch taller than their height allows? In this article, you will find the truth about what realistically can and cannot make you taller.

Can you change your height naturally?

The sad news is that you cannot change your height once you enter adulthood. At this point, your skeleton has eventually reached its genetically predetermined size; as a result, any attempts to increase your height naturally would be in vain. Some exercises might seem as if they yield minor results, but these are simply small adjustments to your posture.

Your height growth is primarily controlled by genetics that is passed down to you from your parents and ancestors, and it is known to exert most of its relentless influence before you reach the age of 20 in most people. Notwithstanding this, your genes are not the only “god” when it comes to height growth. In fact, there are other environmental factors, though usually neglected by the general public, that are found to have a tremendous influence on your prospect of growing taller.


These factors include nutrition, exercise, sleep, and living environment, altogether making up your individual lifestyle. Even if you can no longer grow taller naturally, by making the most of these factors, you can more or less influence your posture and how tall you look.

Easy ways to look taller

While some people earn millions of followers from posting photos of their extravagant lifestyles on Instagram, you can, on the contrary, leverage your lifestyle to improve your posture and look taller in a number of ways. Below are tips on how you can take advantage of the key components of your lifestyle to control how tall you appear:

Nutrition: Too much sugar or caffeine consumption is detrimental to your height growth as it deprives your bones and joints of many vital micronutrients. Cutting down on these addictions and enriching your diet with veggies and leafy greens will preserve your skeletal system as well as maintain your bone health.

Another important dietary factor when it comes to boosting height and developing muscles and tissues in the body is protein. Dairy products, eggs, chicken, and soybeans are great natural sources of protein. So pay close attention to your next meal if you want to increase height or at least look taller!

Exercise: Poor posture can result from a sedentary lifestyle. If you want to undo or avoid bad posture and ensure your healthy skeletal system, try to exercise or play sports regularly instead of staying at home and playing with your phone all day.

Sleep: Getting enough sleep can counteract the degenerative damage to your spinal column and joints, thereby protecting them from shrinking in size. More importantly, for those with active growth plates, sleeping can make you grow taller.

It may sound too good to be true but it is during sleep that growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland at peak levels. Therefore, you can easily increase your height simply by closing your eyes and enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Living environment: It is crucial to foster a healthy living environment to improve not only how tall you look but also your overall health. In addition, you should break your habit of sitting and walking with a hunched back and rounded shoulders as it affects your posture in the long run and makes you look shorter than you are.


What about height pills?

As mentioned above, nutrition plays as powerful a role as genetics in increasing your height. With this in mind, it is totally possible for you to grow taller than your genetically predetermined height with a healthy and balanced diet filled with plenty of essential nutrients for height growth. Yet, our diet is not always perfect and there are some amino acids humans cannot synthesize, which potentially hinders optimal height increase.

For this reason, height growth supplements attempt to provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients to ensure that your bones grow quickly and you can achieve your maximum height potential. Be that as it may, taking height growth pills is only effective during your growing years, in other words, childhood and puberty. Once puberty is over and your growth plates have completely closed, you would lose your chance of growing taller with height growth pills.

Despite the benefits of height growth pills, many of them are poor quality or ineffective products. Using these products will only waste your time and money as well as engender unwanted effects on your health. Hence, you should take into consideration the following criteria when choosing height growth pills:

  • The product origin is apparent and trustworthy.
  • The supplier, importer, and distributor must have clear brand names and addresses with high reliability on the market.
  • The product should be certified by relevant authorities to ensure its safety and quality.
  • Any product with Nanometer Calcium and Collagen Type 2 is more preferable as it maximizes nutrient absorption into your body to increase height significantly.
  • Say no to any product that contains growth hormone as it is illegal.

Embrace what you have

Taking charge of your lifestyle can help change how others perceive your height in your favor; meanwhile, it cannot undo your genetics. By leading a healthier and more active lifestyle coupled with a balanced and nutritious diet, you can make full use of your natural height potential and look as tall as your genetics allows you to.

A large number of people are resorting to looksmaxing in the hope of increasing their height. Although there is no evidence showing that you can increase height doing looksmaxing, it can improve your posture to make you appear taller than your actual height.

Whether you can grow or look taller by any techniques, at the end of the day, do not forget that the most important thing is to embrace yourself and be proud of who you are and how you look.

How to grow taller

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