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Have a question about your height? Wonder no more. Our experts have the answers for you.
Can I grow taller at the age of 25?

It depends on the status of your growth plates. For most people, their growth plates will have closed by the age of 20. After that, it is impossible to grow taller naturally.

Does drinking milk increase my height?

Yes, but drinking milk alone is not enough to increase height. You have to combine drinking milk with a nutritious diet, regular exercise, enough sleep, and a healthy lifestyle in order to reach your maximum height potential.

I am 17 and my height is 5'2''. Can I still grow taller? What's the best way for me to increase my height?

If your puberty is not over yet and your growth plates are still open, you can increase your height by eating nutritious foods, exercising or playing sports regularly, getting enough sleep, and leading a healthy lifestyle. You can also consider taking height growth supplements as they will provide your body with nutrients essential for growth that are lacking in your daily diet.

Are there drugs that make me grow taller?

You can consider taking height growth supplements to provide your body with essential nutrients to facilitate optimal height gain. As nutrition plays a powerful role in increasing your height, it is crucial to have a healthy and balanced diet filled with height-nourishing nutrients. But since our diet is not always perfect and there are some amino acids humans cannot synthesize, height growth supplements will provide your body with vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients to ensure that your bones grow quickly and you can achieve your maximum height potential. Some of our suggestions on height growth supplements include Height Growth Maximizer, NuBest Tall, Doctor Taller, Tall Star, Doctor Plus, Healthy Height, etc. You can go to their sites for further information. However, taking height growth pills is only effective during your growing years (childhood and puberty).

At what age do people stop growing?

It depends on the status of their growth plates. For most people, the growth plates will have closed completely by the age of 20. There are cases where people stop growing at the age of 17-19 as their growth plates close early. After that, it is impossible to grow taller naturally.

Can I increase my height by stretching?

Yes, you can. As you spend most of your waking hours in an upright position, gravity constantly compresses your intervertebral discs. Stretching exercises will reduce this compression, thus lengthening the spinal column and increasing your height naturally. Besides, stretching exercises make your back and abdominal muscles stronger as well as trigger natural growth hormone production, which assists in your growth process.

Is it possible to grow taller at 22?

It depends on the status of their growth plates. For most people, the growth plates will have closed completely by the age of 20. There are cases where people stop growing at the age of 17-19 as their growth plates close early. After that, it is impossible to grow taller naturally.

Will I be tall when I'm an adult if my parents are short?

It is not impossible as genetics is not the only determinant of height. In fact, human height is also influenced by other environmental factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, and living conditions.

What sports can improve my height?

All sports are good for both your general health and your height gain. Although there is no particular sport to increase height instantly, those that involve jumping and stretching such as basketball, skipping, volleyball, yoga, cycling, running, and swimming can help lengthen your spine and promote bone growth.

I've seen other height pills that say they can help us grow taller at 25 or even 30. Is that true?

Be cautious about height supplements that claim to make you taller at 25 or 30 because most people's growth plates will have closed completely by the age of 20. There are cases where people stop growing at the age of 17-19 as their growth plates close early. Once this happens, you can't grow taller naturally anymore. The only thing you can do after your growth plates have closed is to practice good posture and exercise regularly to avoid height shrinkage with age.

How to grow taller fast?

To increase height fast and effectively, you should maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly, get enough hours of sleep, and incorporate healthy habits recommended by Howtogrowtaller into your daily life. By following these methods, you can grow taller rapidly and reach your full height potential.

Gone were the days when petite was appealing, and now, tall people are trending.

Many people with an average or short height wish they were taller. That is because being tall can change how a person thinks about themselves. For instance, people with short physiques, especially men, can be shy about this and feel less confident.

Although the height of a person is controlled by genetics, it is not the only factor. So, if you are looking for ways on how to grow taller naturally and effectively, read this article below.

Get your hand on a nutritious diet

One of the most critical aspects of how to increase height is to ensure a nutritious and well-balanced diet. Remember that the quality of food is more vital than quantity. First, make sure your daily diet has all the right things, and you always keep a regular time to eat every day.

A nutritious diet should include:

  • Green leafy veggies are a great source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and protein which are helpful for tissue and muscle repairing as well as growth development.
  • Milk and dairy products such as butter, cheese, curd, and other things offer all kinds of essential nutrients for bone and muscle growth and body development.
  • Chicken is known as a magical tips on how to grow taller faster naturally at any age. It comes with natural proteins that might stimulate muscle and tissue building and growth in the body.
  • Fish, like salmon, tuna, and sardine, contains all kinds of minerals and proteins that boost nutrient absorption from other foods and support hormone production. Also, fish plays a vital role in repairing bones and muscles.
  • Eggs include key nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin D, and protein, which are helpful for growing bone density.
  • Soybean and soy products contain protein, vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates, and foliage. They are one of the best ways to increase height for vegetarians who cannot consume chicken and eggs.
  • Nuts and seeds help stimulate growth hormones, thereby increasing the process of growing taller. Also, they support the building of new tissue in the body.
  • Oatmeal includes protein, amino acids, and fiber, which strengthen bone mass and density as well as recover muscles and tissues inside the body.
  • Banana is a fruit that has a high level of calcium, manganese, potassium, and probiotic bacteria. All are helpful for protecting the calcium in muscles and bones by reducing and stopping the bad effects of sodium in bones.

Consuming foods rich in calcium

Calcium is vital for nearly every process in the human body, like supporting muscle and nerve function, growing strong bones, controlling hormone levels and blood pressure, and promoting communication between cells.

Although our body cannot produce calcium, you easily get calcium from foods and supplements. And 1,300 mg is the recommended daily amount of calcium for adults, children, and pregnant and lactating women.

Below are the top foods rich in calcium.

  • Dairy (cow, sheep, goat) and fortified plant-based (soy, almond, rice) kinds of milk
  • Cheese (parmesan, cheddar, feta, mozzarella)
  • Plain yogurt and Greek yogurt
  • Calcium-fortified orange juice
  • Leafy greens (kale, spinach, collard, turnip, bok choy, mustard)
  • Edamame
  • Winter squash
  • Almonds
  • Tofu
  • Canned salmon, sardines (with bones)

Maintain healthy eating habits

Creating and maintaining healthy eating habits is not too challenging.

First and foremost, ensure you always have a healthy breakfast to improve nutrient absorption and then strengthen metabolism. Avoid skipping it, or it might trigger the acid content in the stomach and affect your overall health.

Eating frequent and smaller meals in a day helps recharge the body. It is recommended to have six meals per day instead of three to regulate the metabolism and make the body absorb the nutrients quicker. And when the body gets good nutrients, it, in turn, helps promote growth to get a good height.

You need to say NO to all kinds of saturated fats, excessive sugar, and soft drinks because these things might deliver a negative effect on your height. Importantly, remember to eat less salt (no more than 6g a day) to avoid raising your blood sugar.

Keep moving daily

Another effective way on how to get taller is to do physical exercises.

Yes, exercise helps extend the limbs and support muscle growth as well as bone mass and health. What is more, it is beneficial for increasing the production of growth hormones.

Experts recommend some exercises good for a healthy body and height.


  • Stretching exercises might have a huge effect on the height of your children. Encouraging them to do these exercises from a young age will strengthen their height growth. Yes, stretching helps extend the spine and enhance the posture. You can introduce them to a simple one; that is, stand on the toes with the back against the wall and stretch the muscles in the leg while reaching up at the same time. Or sit on the floor with both legs wide apart and try to reach the toes with the arms.
  • Swimming is an ideal technique to increase height naturally. It helps aim at building and strengthening muscles, which might contribute to good height growth immensely. Try practicing breaststroke for 2 hours daily or at least 4 days a week to reap all benefits.
  • Hanging from a bar makes the spine lengthen, which is a vital part of becoming taller. It might be tough at first, but you can conquer it over time. For best results, try hanging for about 20 – 30 minutes per day. And if possible, you can combine pull-ups or chin-ups to make the muscles of your arm and the back stronger.
  • Sprinting can increase a huge amount of growth hormones [1]. That is because when you sprint fast, the stress stimulates micro fractures in the bones, which heal quickly and triggers the bones to go through remodeling and growth.
  • Yoga is a good way to get inches with no pain or side effects. The asanas and stretches will extend your spine and better your posture, supporting you to reach the maximum potential height. Importantly, when you practice yoga, breathing out and breathing in are believed to release energy that allows you to grow more.

Get good sleep

When you sleep or take a rest, your body starts growing and reproducing tissues. Moreover, human growth hormone (HGH), which is in charge of growing height, is produced in the body naturally when you are in a deep and sound sleep. Yes, a night of deep sleep helps stimulate the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone to promote height [2].

During adolescence, you need to sleep at least 8 to 11 hours every night to get maximum height. Also, taking a short nap of 15 to 30 minutes is known as a basis for punctual and adequate sleep.

Drink enough water

How to grow taller faster by drinking water? Is it possible?

Water is one of the most humble height-boosting home remedies. But it is no less effective than height growth products that assume to improve your height. Water delivers a direct impact on removing toxins from the body as well as improving body metabolism. Once the body can work properly, you can notice an immediate difference in your health and even your growth rate.

For a correct growth potential, you should drink at least 2 liters of water daily to keep the body hydrated.

Enjoy sunlight

Sunlight sure is the best source of vitamin D, which is needed for overall growth, including height growth. Also, vitamin D plays a vital role in absorbing calcium from the diet and facilitating the bones.

To get good amounts of vitamin D, you can spend 20 to 30 minutes daily in sunlight. But make sure to stay indoors during the warmest hours of the day, and do not forget to wear sunscreen to protect the skin from the UV rays. If you want to avoid sun tanning, you should go out during the early morning and/or evening hours. This will help the body get enough vitamin D and reduce the harmful effects of UV rays.

Wear comfortable clothes

Feeling comfortable in clothes makes you listen to what your body wants without the interruption of feeling squeezed or out of breath. For instance, you should not wear denim when exercising because it might prevent you from stretching.

Putting on comfortable clothes when going to bed is necessary for good health. If you are constantly turning and tossing due to your clothing, it will be hard to get the good sleep that you want. Since we need to sleep well to grow, make sure you feel cozy in your bedding during the night.

When you feel stressed, your body tenses up as well. And if you wear tight clothes, this might lead to discomfort. Wearing comfortable clothing is a good way to relax your body and mind, which will, in turn, result in reduced stress levels.


Maintain good posture

Good posture should be maintained throughout your life for many reasons, with the most critical one being improved height.

A bad body posture, like slumping or slouching, will curve your spine and make you look shorter than your actual height. Also, it badly affects your health.

So, how to grow taller by correcting your posture? Here is something you can do. You can set a time to remind yourself to keep your back straight. When doing this, remember to keep your shoulders in a straight line. Or you can consult your doctor for advice. He/She might introduce to you some exercises you can perform to get proper posture.

Try using height-boosting supplements

Many height increasing pills claim how to improve our height like magic. But you need to know that the height cannot be changed just like that within a couple of days. It is a natural process, and only natural things can help us get that.

The best thing is to search for high-quality products from well-known brands. Study carefully and do not forget to ask your doctor for advice. And remember that these are just a supplement to your regime, and you need to contribute to the above suggestions to get good results.

Above are the top 10 ways on how to grow taller naturally and effectively. All of them will help you gain some inches you have strived for when performed by other activities on the list. Time to start and be successful!

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